Image for Algebra becomes the first private university in the field of technical sciences in Croatia

Algebra becomes the first private university in the field of technical sciences in Croatia

Zagreb, July 7, 2020 – Algebra, the largest private educational institution in Croatia, received a positive accreditation recommendation from the Accreditation Council of the Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE) to launch the Algebra University in Zagreb (in establishment).

Almost three years ago, Algebra experts and teachers, led by Mislav Balković, began preparations for the establishment of the Algebra University in Zagreb, during which they held an election for additional assistant professors and professors, signed contracts  with additional experts, a study for the establishment of the institution and three undergraduate university study, established an agreement on the legally necessary mentoring of studies in the transition period and the successfully completed an adult conducted by foreign experts appointed by the  Agency for Science and Higher Education.

“Croatia has one of the fastest growing trends in the share of ICT graduates and we are currently in sixth place in terms of the share of ICT graduates, well above the EU average. Algebra, along with other Croatian higher education institutions in the digital field, has been working on this mission for 20 years, but by founding the Algebra University we will additionally work to increase that number in the next 10 years by attracting foreign students and opening additional capacities for domestic ones. The launch of the University of Algebra will follow all the postulates of quality and cooperation with the economy for which we are known, but now we will apply them in both professional and university studies. This cooperation is another proof of quality and commitment to a common goal – building a strong base of high-quality digital experts”, said Mislav Balković, Dean of the Algebra University.

The study program Computing will be conducted by FER and Algebra teachers and assistants, and 30 places have been opened for the first enrollment period.

“The cooperation between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb and Algebra University lasts for more than ten years, through which we have cooperated on various initiatives. This relationship culminates today through the mentorship of FER over the establishment of the Algebra University in Zagreb and is an important moment in the history of our educational institutions. Over the next few years, FER’s university study program Computing will be conducted on Algebra University, a combination of ours and their teachers, but in English, which is an opportunity to fully prepare for a new era. Despite the current situation, this cooperation has strategic character and we must look to the future, and our responsibility is to further position Croatia on the international higher education map and gather the widest possible front of institutions with which we will work to attract talent”, said Gordan Gledec, Dean of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Study program Computing develops competencies to analyze and solve engineering problems of medium complexity, to work as an efficient member of a team, and to contribute to design of systems and processes in the area of computing. The fundamental knowledge of mathematics, physics and electrical engineering, backed up with usage of contemporary computer tools, is utilized. The program lasts 3 years, brings 180 ECTS credits and the academic title of Bachelor of Science in Computing.

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