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Algebra Freshman Party is back!

After going silent for a year, we are back with a bang! Algebra Freshman Party will be held in Vintage Industrial Bar on Friday, November 5th, from 7 to 12 PM.

Pips, Chips & Videoclips, a cult band from Zagreb and one of the greatest Croatian rock bands of all time, will make sure you have a good time.

With a total of eight albums and a career spanning three decades, Pips, Chips & Videoclips have earned their place at the very top of the regional rock hierarchy. Starting in the early 90s, the band have remained true to themselves, with their timeless songs in characteristic Zagreb slang.

Ticket price:

  • Algebra freshmen – 40 KN (enter your OIB in the “Promotional code” checkbox)
  • Algebra students – 70 KN (enter your OIB in the “Promotional code” checkbox)
  • Civilians – 100 KN

*Please be sure to check out COVID-19 recommendations before you purchase your ticket.

Before the concert, make sure to check out their most popular songs and learn to along: Malena, Dan,mrak, Plači, Narko, Poštar lakog sna, Sex u školi or Nogomet.:)

Click on the link, get your ticket and see you at Algebra Freshman Party in Vintage Industrial Bar!

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