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Algebra graduation 2021/2022

For the first time, promotion of Algebra graduates was held on Algebra's new modern Zagreb Campus worth 110 million HRK. We promoted the tenth generation of graduates consisting of 123 professional bachelors and professional specialists from six undergraduate professional and eight specialist graduate professional study programmes.

During the ceremony, the students were addressed by Dean of Algebra University College, Mislav Balković, PhD, Elma Melkić, valedictorian and newly promoted bachelor of digital marketing and Martin Sinković, Croatian multiple gold Olympian, European and world champion.

"Throughout your study, we have focused on two goals. The first one was to teach you about technology and the second one, to breathe in some of the values ​​we believe in ourselves. I am convinced that personal responsibility will be the foundation on which you will build a better and more aware society than the one we live in today. A society that will be sustainable in every sense, that will be built on community and that will create solutions for the survival and further development of civilization. The technological knowledge you have gained through your studies can help a lot, and just because you have it today, your responsibility in this endeavor is even greater. I am sure that you will always contribute at least a little to your country by building your own future. The education you completed prepared you for the world labor market, but I will tell you that you should choose a career in the place in the world where you can make your dreams come true and achieve happiness, but do not forget that you have only one homeland, wherever you live.", said in his speech Mislav Balković, PhD, Dean of Algebra University College.

"Time of studying at Algebra University College will always remain in my memory - I gained new friendships and experiences, as well as knowledge and skills that allowed me to start working in a global company while in the third year of college. I am extremely honored to be able to represent a whole generation of my colleagues, and I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart the professors, assistants and all the staff of Algebra who cordially, mentoring and carefully passed on their business and personal experiences and knowledge.“, said Elma Melkić, valedictorian and a newly promoted bachelor of digital marketing.

"As my brother Valent and I often point out, the road to success is extremely difficult, but no matter the obstacles, it pays off. In conversations with other athletes, who invested a lot in sports, tried and did not achieve the results they wanted, I try to emphasize all the other values ​​and benefits of sports - perseverance, work habits, knowledge of the value of sacrifice. Dear graduates, what I can tell you for sure is - every effort pays off, maybe not immediately and not quickly, but every effort you put into a sphere of your life will pay off. Throughout your studies you have seen many beautiful and difficult moments, and so it will be throughout your life; remember those beautiful moments and go forward with your head held high. Defeats are an integral part of sports and life, but you need to learn to accept them and learn something new about yourself and understand them as an opportunity to improve. Achieving success does not always mean going "head through the wall" at all times, but being calm, sometimes pulling the "handbrake". In addition, I believe that it is important to nurture other life values, such as family, because I believe that this is the true path to happiness.", said Martin Sinković to the graduates.

The tenth, jubilee generation of Algebra graduates is the most numerous so far, and consists of bachelors of computer engineering, multimedia computing, digital marketing and marketing communications design, and specialists in computer engineering, digital marketing, creative communications management and business administration. This academic year, Algebra recorded the largest increase in the number of enrolled students compared to all other higher education institutions in the country, and an expected increase in the number of enrolled students of 20 percent. In addition, at the beginning of 2021, the Algebry University College successfully completed the re-accreditation process with the Agency for Science and Higher Education and, according to quality assessments, is still the leading professional study in Croatia.

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