Image for Algebra in Top 3 after three disciplines of the Student Esports Tournament

Algebra in Top 3 after three disciplines of the Student Esports Tournament

We have completed three disciplines at SET, and the actions have exceeded all expectations!

The fourth season of the Student Esports Tournament is in full swing! Sixteen faculties across Croatia have once again sent their most skilled representatives from their esports sections, intending to win the prestigious SET title!

 After three played disciplines, the rankings are changing with each game, and the Algebra team currently holds a high third position in the overall standings.

The season has started with intense action on the virtual fields of Rocket League, where Algebra students delivered an excellent performance, defeating some of the biggest favourites and reaching the final of the discipline, securing a second-place finish. They also qualified for the prestigious European Rocket League competition: University Rocketeers.

After Rocket League, the teams moved on to the always thrilling and exciting CS:GO maps, where the Algebra team claimed the bronze medal. In the League of Legends discipline, they handed the reins to others, as their focus is on shooter games.

Representing the Algebra esports section this year are Marin Bakmaz, Neo Čikić, Josip Džinić, Renato Petričević, Fran Kukovičić, and Marko Rovis.

The fourth season of SET is also known as the season of FPS games, and we can look forward to two more exciting esports titles: the well-known PUBG: Battlegrounds and the newest addition to the roster, Rainbow 6 Siege. R6 streams start on May 18, 2023, and you can watch them on the official SET Twitch channel at 6 PM!

The partners of the fourth season of the Student Esports Tournament are Hisense, Span, Raw Fury, Nescafe 3in1, White Shark, and Solana Nin. The organiser, the Good Game Global team, prepared a lot of engaging content and hours of live streaming!

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