Image for Algebra – MIT’s First MicroMasters Pathway in Croatia offering a Hybrid Graduate Program in Data Science

Algebra – MIT’s First MicroMasters Pathway in Croatia offering a Hybrid Graduate Program in Data Science

Algebra Becoming MIT’s First MicroMasters Pathway in Croatia and Offering a Hybrid Graduate Program in Data Science

Algebra University College, the leading Croatian school for digital technologies has joined MITx MicroMasters program pathway collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the fields of science and technology in the world. This will create a credit pathway from MITx MicroMasters in Statistics and Data Science to Algebra’s graduate program in data science for both Algebra students and the global learners. Students who complete their studies on the integrated program will receive a diploma from Algebra University College along with the MITx MicroMasters credential in statistics and data science.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Algebra University College collaborated on the MicroMasters credit pathway, which will make it possible for Algebra University College students, from the upcoming academic year, to attend a part of their curriculum in a hybrid way that includes courses from MITx MicroMasters program in statistics and data science as part of the curriculum. The students who enrol in the graduate program of data science, the only specialist graduate program of this kind in Croatia, will be able to choose between the usual program offered by the Algebra University College, and a hybrid program that includes five MITx courses as well as MIT’s certification of the finished program.

Algebra University College will also recognize MIT’s MicroMasters credential for credits for those students who have already completed MITx MicroMasters statistics and data science program on their own and therefore make it possible for the students to enroll in a data science graduate program in Croatia at the Algebra University College, thus making studies in Croatia more appealing and attracting a larger number of foreign students to study in our country.

The syllabus of the Algebra University College graduate program in data science in this new integrated form includes courses from the MITx MicroMasters program in Statistics and Data Science ( The program integrates competencies in probability theory, statistics, machine learning, and data analysis, and it consists of one course for each of those areas and a final exam.

The competencies offered by MITx MicroMasters program in statistics and data science are an excellent match for the Algebra University College graduate data science program, which aims to create competent data scientists with a wide knowledge of computer methods and statistics as well as with a specific understanding of social issues making possible an advanced data analysis and conclusions about trends and occurrences in the real world. Data science experts come from different areas of finished education and different economic sectors, but their common goal is specialization in advanced data analytics.

Tracy Tan, MicroMasters program director at MIT, said: “The MicroMasters courses in statistics and data science were developed by MIT Institute for Data, Systems and Society (IDSS). The courses have a multidisciplinary approach to understanding methods and tools used in data science and include their practical application in data analysis and machine learning. Beside the fact that Algebra’s students will get an opportunity to acquire knowledge by MIT standards, this cooperation also opens space for MITx McroMasters learners from all over the world, through the recognition of their previous academic outcome, to continue their education in Algebra in Croatia after completing their MicroMasters study.”

“This new cooperation between MIT and Algebra, this time on implementing the graduate program in data science, brings important news for future students. Not only that we strengthen our graduate program with lectures by eminent professors from MIT departments of computer science, economics, and mathematics, we also create a wide-open door to the students in a global community through life-long affiliate status of the MIT Alumni Association, subscription to scientific databases, and through the subscription to the online edition of MIT Technology Review. We are delighted for this extended cooperation with such an established institution as MIT because our program in data science is in line with the global trends and actual knowledge in this area,” said Mislav Balković, PhD, dean of the Algebra University College.

More information about the integrated graduate program in data science at Algebra University College can be found at

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