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Algebra opened university campus


Algebra’s new campus is to date the biggest private investment in education in Croatia. Each year, its multidisciplinary space will bring together 12,000 college and training seminar students, as well as 500 faculty members, while the campus inauguration was praised by representatives of different government ministries, the academic and business community and the general public.

The inauguration of the university campus in Zagreb marks the 24th anniversary of Algebra Group’s activities and sets firm foundations for the implementation of its development strategy, which includes achieving a nearly 70 per cent increase in enrollments, totaling 2,300 students, 500 of which from abroad, by 2026. In almost a quarter of a century of Algebra’s existence, more than 150,000 individuals have completed its educational programs, while the new modernly equipped multidisciplinary space will ensure the most advanced educational environment based on international standards for generations to come.

The biggest and fastest growing private education group in Croatia is also one of the biggest educational institutions in this part of Europe based on the number of college students and training seminar goers. Its facilities span almost 12,500 gross square meters, encapsulating 35 lecture rooms that bear the names of innovators and scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Ivan Lupis, Faust Vrančić, Ruđer Bošković, Slavoljub Penkala, Ivan Vučetić and the recently deceased professor emeritus, Slavko Krajcar, the first rector of Algebra University. In addition to the newly furnished classrooms, equipped with almost 700 computers, laser projectors and equipment for remote teaching, the teaching process will also take place in 14 individual online classrooms for distance education and training.

The creative portion of design studies is ensured by a modern drawing room called Art Room, as well as the 3D Production Room with 3D printers for printing large format objects, among other things. The Video and Audio Studio and Podcast Room are intended for developing multimedia and digital marketing students’ production and post-production skills, while a special Innovation Lab is open to students throughout the day during working hours as a kind of maker space and workshop for creating their final projects.

By moving to the new location, the Zagreb campus has gained a significantly bigger international testing center where college students, training seminar goers and professionals will be able to access the acquisition of different certificates, such as those awarded by Microsoft, AWS, Google, PMI, TOEFL and others.

“Our development strategy is based on advancing quality and education, in line with the global economy of the future, strong internationalization and creating the preconditions that will allow Algebra to soon transform into a university and become the leading educational institution in digital and hybrid formats. Over the next four years, we will maintain our agility in education and our position as the leading business school, and we also intend to continue providing reliable support to companies looking for talented employees and being an important partner to fast-growing technology companies,” said Tomislav Dominković, Chairman of Algebra Group Management Board, announcing that Algebra will continue to invest in research, development and projects, as well as ensuring the quality of its university and other training programs in order to meet the expectations of both domestic and international students, as well as the 500 faculty members currently teaching at Algebra.

The new university campus also contains a coworking space for 35 people, as well as a library equipped with 18,500 books, satisfying 120 per cent of needs for books compared to the number of enrolled students. The new campus also has excellent internet connectivity, ensuring a stable connection even at 1,200 devices connected simultaneously, while the new network will provide the speed of a whopping 10Gbps. The campus also boasts its own data center called “Nimbus”, which enables launching 4,000 virtual machines for students and seminar goers, whose “godfather” is Zoran Vakula. Algebra’s data center has 1.62 THz of CPU power, 5TB of memory and about 40TB of disk space, and is comprised of 80 physical servers. The server infrastructure includes the Boston Super Server SMC 1029GQ-TRT supercomputer, mostly used in data science university courses, while the server room is equipped with a 60 kVA UPS and a separate NOVEC fire extinguishing system.

The building is equipped with a generator that turns on in the event of a power outage and ensures uninterrupted operation of critical infrastructure, business and student information systems, as well as classroom delivery and data storage. The Algebra campus building has been constructed in the A+ energy class, while all the classrooms are equipped with an air recuperation system, which increases the quality of classroom experience and achieves green energy savings. The floors of the building are made with recycled materials, and, in order to further promote “green access”, employees are encouraged to come to work by bicycle or scooter.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by leading Croatian employers and entrepreneurs, rectors and deans of Croatian universities, faculties, polytechnics and colleges, directors of competence centers and high schools, representatives of the government, ministries, agencies, public authorities and local administration, media, numerous diplomats, representatives of the start-up community and professional associations, Algebra employees and many other guests.


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