Image for Algebra started new academic year with a record number of 2,000 enrolled students.

Algebra started new academic year with a record number of 2,000 enrolled students.

We are starting the new academic year with a record number of 2,000 enrolled students, making us one of the five largest Croatian institutions offering professional studies. The increase in the number of freshmen by as much as 15% compared to the previous academic year is a clear signal that we are an institution likely enjoying the highest increase in trust among young people aspiring to digital careers.

Algebra's Welcome Day marked the beginning of the 2023/2024 academic year for the second consecutive year, held in the premises of the Spark Event Space on the Zagreb campus of Algebra. This campus is the most modern and largest private educational infrastructure in the Republic of Croatia, spanning over 12,000 square meters. The event was attended by 650 domestic and international freshmen, as well as fifty international exchange students, confirming the growing interest in innovative educational programs among the new generations.

The Dean of Algebra University College, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mislav Balković, welcomed the students and wished them a successful start to the new academic year. He emphasized the importance of taking on new responsibilities and adapting to new work models, encouraging students to approach their tasks diligently. He also highlighted that the courses are designed to be both useful and interesting, with continuous improvements and innovations to provide students with the best possible educational experiences.

Silvija Grgić, Vice Dean for Development and Quality at Algebra University College, addressed the new developments in student support: "Starting this year, we are launching the Center for Academic Support for students. Our goal is to provide support not only in academic activities but also in the professional development of students as future academic citizens. We plan to organize workshops to help students improve aspects that influence their academic success, such as academic writing, communication and presentation skills, and learning approaches. We also provide essential counseling through conversations with experts who are here to offer support and guidance to students in their studies."

Algebra's Department for International Cooperation was also presented, with a special focus on the Erasmus+ program, which enables students to spend time studying or doing internships abroad. Algebra has over 100 bilateral agreements with EU universities and more than 40 cooperation agreements with institutions outside the EU. Students have the opportunity to spend a week, several weeks, a semester, an academic year, or their summer or winter holidays abroad at one of Algebra's partner institutions. Algebra also organizes its own summer and winter schools, where international students can attend modules in areas such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, and digital marketing in Croatia.

Smart technologies, innovations, and intensive collaboration with employers are key aspects of Algebra's approach. This commitment is evident through the activities of Algebra LAB, an innovation center, where students have the opportunity to participate in hackathons and projects in various fields, fostering creativity and innovative thinking.

Algebra also offers numerous opportunities for students to collaborate directly with employers, as highlighted by Domagoj Švigir from Algebra's Career Center: "The Career Center is a central hub for supporting students, offering counseling, extracurricular education, networking with employers and entrepreneurs, and other interventions aimed at early career development and improving personal skills. We focus on internships but also organize visits to employers where students can learn about company operations, which also helps us enhance our study programs to better meet the real needs of the job market."

Silvio Papić, Head of Algebra's System Engineering Program, introduced the Algebra Innovators Club (AKI), which was launched this year and has already seen impressive results, with students winning medals at several domestic and international innovation exhibitions. He emphasized that AKI welcomes all those who want to be part of the process of shaping ideas and turning them into reality through team-based project work. The mission of the Algebra Innovators Club is to promote creativity, innovative thinking, knowledge and experience exchange among students, providing support in realizing their ideas.

Students also have access to a variety of sports activities, including table tennis, badminton, rock climbing, hiking, basketball, and futsal, as part of the optional AlgebraFIT program led by Tin Petračić. For those more inclined towards e-Sports, Algebra has an active student gaming section, whose team emerged as the winner of this year's Student Esports Tournament.

As part of the Welcome Day, mentorship workshops were held for all freshmen in around thirty small groups, coordinated by the heads of Algebra's study programs and other mentors, to provide students with a deeper understanding of what to expect in the new academic year and to establish personal connections between students and their mentors."

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