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International study excursions

Consider our academic trips a golden opportunity during your studies. You get to travel to a cool destination, see and talk to the experts, meet the locals, get to know a new culture and have lots of fun in the process.

Join us, see the world, they said…

We certainly didn’t lie about it! Each year we take a fancy trip abroad.

So far, we have visited the technological giants in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Toyota City, Boston and New York, we’ve stolen gold from the leprechauns in Dublin, missed the Oktoberfest in Munich by a second, observed how start-ups…well, start up in the Silicon Valley and witnessed that in what happens in Vegas, really stays in Vegas.

Seriously, though, once each year you will have an opportunity to spend some time abroad and visit the best universities, development centers and companies.

Cities we visited so far

Tokyo, Nagoya, Toyota City

As a part of the study trip, this year, more than 40 of our students, teachers and alumni visited tech destinations and universities in Japan. We visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya and Toyota city, but also had the opportunity to take a tour of the institutions such as Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Miraikan – National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Corporate Showroom Panasonic Center and Toyota Production Plant. We also visited IVR – Industrial Virtual Reality Expo-Conference 2020, the Toyota Kaikan Museum and Ginza Sony Park, a popular Sony showroom. Our hosts shared practical and inspiring knowledge and experience designed for teachers and students of computer science, digital marketing and multimedia, as well as participants in lifelong learning programs and startups at Algebra LAB. The program of the study trip was further enriched with visits to the Imperial Palace, Toyota’s car factory and a car museum, as well as Akihabari – the neon center of all sorts of entertainment in Tokyo.

2019 – Dublin

The Algebra University College organized for students of the e-Leadership MBA programme organized a study trip to Dublin. According to the program, the trip was from 26.02.  to 01.03.2019, and besides the usual tourist sightseeing tours, the trip included a visit to Amazon’s headquarters with a presentation of all departments and a professional lecture by innovator David Gluckman at Trinity College. Students also had the opportunity to hear student teams presenting their business ideas to potential investors and find out which issues are most often challenged by investors and what needs to be in focus to make the presentation successful and the investment secured.

2018 – Boston

  • Massachussets Institute of Technology

  • MIT Media Lab

  • Harvard University

  • HubSpot

2018 – New York

  • IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

2016 – Silicon Valley and Las Vegas, Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

  • Pixar

  • Apple

  • Facebook

  • Google

  • Oracle

2016 – California

  • UC

  • BerkeleyStanford

2015 – Dublin

  • Google Central Offices

  • Trinity College

2014 – München

  • Techniche Universitat München (TUM)

  • BMW Welt


In the previous years, students, teachers and Algebra alumni visited some of the most interesting technology destinations in the United States – Boston and New York offered exchange of knowledge at the Massachussets Institute of Technology, MIT Media Lab, Harvard University, HubSpot, & IBM,Thomas J. Watson Research Center.

Our field studies took us to San Francisco, Silicon Valley and CES in Las Vegas as well.

Visits to Central Offices of Google in Dublin, German headquarters of Electric Global Research, legendary Universities like Stanford and Berkeley provided our inquisitive group a unique chance to get the firsthand peek at the newest trends, listen to the lectures of world-renowned experts and return home armed with new knowledge and skills.

We can’t wait to plan a new post-pandemic field trip!


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