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Medical Care

Each full-time student studying at the University College has two medical doctors: family physician chosen by the student (who should be contacted when you are feeling unwell) and student doctor, a specialist in school and university medicine. Each faculty has its own official student doctor.

You can contact your student doctor during your studies:

  1. in case of difficulties related to learning as well as possible problems caused by changes and adjustment to college
  2. in case you need consultations on reproductive health as well as counseling on chronic diseases
  3. for medical examinations necessary in order to apply for student dormitories and achieve the right to a single room based on medical reasons
  4. for a note of excuse in case of illness (bring a certificate issued by your family physician or specialist or a letter of discharge within two weeks after the end of treatment or discharge from the hospital)
  5. if you are unable to take part in physical education classes (chronic patients need to bring a specialist’s report and A COPY OF THE LAST MEDICAL REPORT not older than one year at the beginning of the semester or a letter of discharge within one month after the end of treatment or discharge from the hospital)
  6. in case of suspension of student obligations due to health reasons. At the expert meeting of the Department of School and University Medicine held on November 28th 2012 it was decided that certificates would be issued to students who have contacted their student doctor in due time (within 30 days since the onset of difficulties). Afterwards, a Medical certificate will be issued verifying student’s medical difficulties. Student is required to submit this certificate to the University College. This way, the student doctor will have an insight into student’s medical condition and course of treatment and the University College will be notified of the possibility of suspension of student obligations. Before enrolment in the next academic year, a Certificate of suspension of student obligations will be issued for suspension of student obligations for the previous academic year in accordance with the student’s medical condition. With regard to students’ questions about receiving this Certificate in advance, we would like to explain that this is not possible because the student doctor cannot know what will be the course of the illness and whether the certificate will be necessary at all. Students who are unable to fulfill their student obligations due to health reasons need to contact their student doctor within 30 days of the onset of difficulties and submit their medical certificate to the University College. Suspension of student obligations due to medical reasons will otherwise not be possible.

For students studying at the Algebra University College the responsible MD is:

Dr. Ivana Marić
Nurse: Snježana Miklošević

Address: Laginjina 16, Zagreb

Phone: 01/4843 – 049

Working hours 
Even dates in the morning
Odd dates in the afternoon

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