Image for Coffee & Paint Workshop – Unleash your inner artist

Coffee & Paint Workshop – Unleash your inner artist

Do you need a break to let your creativity flow? Well, we've got just the thing for you! Algebra University College recently hosted a Coffee & Paint workshop that was an absolute blast, so stay tuned for more updates about the upcoming events!

This exciting event brought together our students, including international and Erasmus, for a truly artistic experience. It was a fabulous opportunity to relax, express themselves, and enjoy the inspirational combination of coffee and painting. Organized by Gabrijela Franc, a second-year undergraduate student in Digital Marketing, and with the invaluable support of our International Office, the workshop was a huge success!

During her Erasmus exchange in Paris, Gabrijela had the opportunity to immerse herself in the magical art scene of the city.

Exploring museums became a regular part of her routine, where something caught her attention - young students passionately sketching away within the inspiring walls of these cultural gems. When Gabrijela returned to Algebra, she decided to bring that same creative energy to her fellow students. That's how the idea for the Coffee & Paint Workshop was born! By combining the joy of painting with the comforting presence of coffee, she wanted to create an experience that would reawake each of the new artists! 

We're thrilled to share photos from the event taken by our talented students from the Multimedia Production study programme. At Algebra, we encourage students to work together, foster community spirit, and create stunningly creative content. The Coffee & Paint workshop was an excellent example of how our students inspire and support one another.

We are proud of our student community and can not wait to see what incredible things they will create next!

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