Representatives (2017-2021)

Here is a list of members of the Economic Council:

  • Slavko Krajcar – FER
  • Mario Kovač – FER
  • Krešo Perica – IBM Croatia
  • Zoran Šimunić
  • Ivan Žugaj – Apis IT
  • Marin Tadić – Oracle Adriatic Region
  • Ivan Vidaković – Microsoft Hrvatska
  • Adrian Ježina – Vipnet / HUP ICT
  • Marijo Volarević – Hrvatski Telekom
  • Igor Pureta – Grawe Hrvatska
  • Ante Mandić – IN2
  • Davor Runje – Drap
  • Mario Fraculj – McCann / Hura / Effie
  • Ida Pandur – ENTG
  • Ivona Janjić – Agrokor
  • Hrvoje Boljkovac – Luminus Studio
  • Đuro Korać – Nivas
  • Branimir Delić – HEP
  • Ratko Mutavdžić – Microsoft / Projektura d.o.o.
  • Darko Huljenić – Ericsson Nikola Tesla
  • Velimir Srića – EFZG
  • Katrina Bule – Molson Coors Europe
  • Dubravka Jurlina Alibegović – EIZ
  • Goran Grandić – Dukat
  • Zlatan Frölich – HGK
  • Igor Dropulić – SAP

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