Role of Economic Council

For us the cooperation between Algebra University College and the economy is not only a beautiful wish.

Without such cooperation, the University College would quickly lose its relevance and there would be a serious danger that the classes we implement would cease to sufficiently provide knowledge and skills necessary for the labor market. For this reason, we have established our Economic Council with the specific aim to reflect upon the development of the University College program and its continuous improvement. On the other hand, the University College cooperates with companies whose representatives are not included in the Economic Council through several key models:

Visit of foreign lecturers

In order to raise the quality of teaching and enable students to attend lectures or exercises carried out by relevant international experts, the University College will organize visits of various lecturers. Some of these lectures can be carried out through the use of virtual conference technology of the University College, while others will be of a more classical type (arrival of foreign lecturers at the University College). Visits of foreign lecturers will be financed in several ways:

  • through own resources
  • along with lectures of specific lecturers held as part of the official classes, by commercially offering the opportunity to attend open lectures (in case they are interesting to a wider audience and justified) that would be carried out according to a different schedule and possibly in a different place
  • through resources of partner companies

In addition, we expect that individual members of the Economic Council from the academic community will enable visits of foreign lecturers through existing partnerships of their own institutions.


Since the shortage of skilled IT professionals is very pronounced in the Republic of Croatia, we expect that companies with whom the University College has established cooperation will be interested in offering certain forms of student scholarships. Possible models of scholarships would be related to the results achieved by certain students monitored throughout the complete duration of their studies. Every company interested in offering scholarships will be supported by the Algebra University College Job Centre and will be given access to the results of students interested in obtaining scholarships. The scholarship model is determined by each company. The general suggested model is:

After the first year of studies, the company selects scholarship students based on their results and signs general agreements. After the conclusion of agreements, the company pays a certain percentage of tuition fees for the second year of studies following the realization of high-level results. The company re-evaluates the results after the second year and in case they are satisfactory, the company participates in tuition fees for the third year of studies. The company provides internships for students (sixth semester) as part of its own projects and possibly offers employment depending on the results achieved during the third year of studies.

Inclusion of expert lecturers from partner companies

For certain technologies that are used by partner companies, and that are not covered by the current curriculum, the Algebra University College will introduce additional elective courses. In addition, the University College will invite leading experts from local partner companies as visiting lecturers for existing courses. In this regard, the University College will further assist lecturers assigned by companies in the selection of teaching positions (depending on their interests, this is not necessary for occasional short-term inclusion of guest lecturers) and we expect that companies will provide internships as part of their own projects for a certain number of students who select these courses during the sixth semester of their studies.

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