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Elisabeth from Ukraine studies Design & Communications Management at Algebra

Elizabeth Borysiuk is a 2nd year Ukrainian student of Design & Communications Management. After finishing her undergraduate degree in International Tourism in Poland and working in marketing, Elizabeth decided to move to Croatia and explore her creativity at Algebra. She participated in Algebra’s International Summer School where she excelled at improving her art and technology skills through the Digital Sculpting Fundamentals course.

Just before starting my exciting journey in Croatia with Algebra University College, I was working in a marketing and customer relations department of a company in Krakow, Poland. While working there, I realized that nowadays creativity rules the world. Creativity is everywhere, from IT technologies, machinery to art.  I analyzed my situation, decided to take action and truly change the game. So, I applied for the Design & Communications Management study programme, challenging my tech knowledge and my desire to express my own vision.

My need was to learn from specialists more about how I can implement my own ideas into a modern world of marketing. However, my secret desire was to get an incredible chance to go to one of my dream countries – Croatia. I have a feeling that this is my dream destination for now and my hope in my own better future.

Being a student of Design & Communications Management is all about expressing yourself creatively in new words, shapes and forms.  I like the fact that this study program offers insight into actual cases and actual experiences in marketing and processes management. During our lectures, we explore the most relevant topics in these fields, which is pretty amazing. As an international student at Algebra University College I feel welcome and I get daily support and assistance from teachers, the Career Center, Student Office and International Office. I am looking forward to the upcoming year and I believe that the possibility to go to such a nice country as Croatia, meet a community of creatively driven people and share experiences and knowledge is just priceless.

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