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Eramus+ staff testimonial Klara Volarić

Klara Volarić, International Office Coordinator at Algebra University College, in charge of International School and other short programs, participated in the Erasmus+ training programme. As part of the mobility, Klara visited Algebra’s partner university EPITECH in Paris. Constructive and continuous communication with partner institutions is of strategic importance for the successful development and internationalization of Algebra.

In partnership with EPITECH, Algebra developed the joint graduate study programme in Computer Science - Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and Klara, supported by Julia Obeso and Oriane Reynaud from EPITECH's international team, had the opportunity to present admission opportunities to French students. as well as international possibilities at Algebra within the Erasmus+ programme, short study abroad programmes and modules of Algebra International Winter and Summer School.

The goal of Klara's mobility as an International Office Coordinator was to help raise the profile of Algebra as an attractive study abroad destination, aid further development of existing partnerships and deepen the internationalization process at Algebra, as well as to motivate other colleagues to be part of the European story through Erasmus+.

"As a student, I had the opportunity to go for academic mobility within the Erasmus + program at a university in Paris and this experience left a lasting impression on me. It paved the way for my professional development in the field of international relations and internationalization. When I had the opportunity to apply once again for Erasmus+ and see the other side of the Erasmus+ coin, I knew that sharing experiences and good practices with colleagues from a partner institution is invaluable for upgrading existing knowledge and achieving professional goals. Add to all of the above the opportunity to walk along the banks of La Seine and enjoy the sunset in the shadow of the Louvre and you get a pretty good deal. "

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