Image for Erasmus+ Staff Mobility – Nada Kaurin Knežević, lecturer

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility – Nada Kaurin Knežević, lecturer

„Bless the skies and our International Office at Algebra University with whose help we constantly fly through the same, wonderful sky! 😊 While Zagreb was under snow, with the help of colleagues from the International office, I was soaking in the Portugal sun, learning many new things and teaching an international student crowd at IADE Faculty in Lisbon about creativity and creative writing.“

IADE has been a laboratory of creativity, talent and leadership recognized by the whole society since it was founded in the late 1960s, having made its mark in the creative scene in Portugal throughout these more than 60  years of history. All this makes IADE an extremely popular Erasmus destination for Algebra students of Digital Marketing and Market Communication Design.

„I was a guest lecturer at the Design management course and it was a true privilege to teach in an international environment filled with students who wish to enhance their everyday creativity skills. IADE faculty had their International Week happening at the time so I managed to present to their students the possibilities of studying at Algebra University.„

IADE and Algebra have a durable Erasmus partnership, and many IADE students choose Algebra and Croatia as their Erasmus destination.

„Even though Portugal is sunny, Croatia in the summer semester is even sunnier and we have many opportunities for students to enjoy their time in Croatia but also connect with the business sector, develop their ideas and learn all they can at our Algebra Campus.

Thank you IADE but, thank you Zrinka and other colleagues from the International Office at Algebra who help us grow each year, meet new cultures and make us better teachers.“

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