Image for Erasmus+ UX Bottcamp report by Predrag Šuka

Erasmus+ UX Bottcamp report by Predrag Šuka

From initial communication to the final farewell, KdG (Karel de Grote Hogeschool Antwerpen) defined the new standard of hospitality. My days were full of planned activities, tours, and meetings with different stakeholders in the educational structure. I spent the rest of my time with students and staff, visiting all the facilities and campuses, and visiting various Antwerp sights.

The main purpose of the visit was the blended intensive program (BIP) UX Bootcamp, in whose realization participated KdG Antwerp, Algebra University College, UCL Odense, and HdM Stuttgart. Alongside me, four students of the Multimedia Computing study programme participated.

Due to the nature of the visit, exchanging experiences and best practices was the focus, but we still arranged a slot within which I could teach and broaden specific topics for the students in the multimedia and creative technology study programme. Participation in teaching continued through topics of Digital Mindfulness with partner institutions of KdG.

Meetings revolved around future collaboration as study programmes, mutual student exchange, potential Erasmus blended IP, internationalisation, and student support. As we are facing similar issues within higher education, common ground provided a solid base for plans of change.

Cherishing diversity and the need for change, students were leading the talk about the Ukrainian crisis, its effects, and possible solutions.

As a city, Antwerp has a lot to offer, as does Belgium as a country. So many places to visit, explore, and enjoy.

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