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Renato Barišić, Senior Lecturer

He was born in 1969 in Zagreb, Croatia. In addition to regular education, he completed the pedagogical-psychological-didactic and methodical training and a range of business and professional education in the country and abroad. Currently, he is a student at the postgraduate doctoral study program Information Society at the Faculty of the Information Studies in Novo Mesto. He holds a dozen of internationally recognized certifications in the fields of information technology, quality, management and consulting, acquired in the domestic and foreign institutions. His professional work is directed towards the analysis and development of information and communication technologies, information systems management and information services management and their multidisciplinary application in education, security and expert systems. In addition, he deals with quality systems, with an emphasis on quality management in IT systems and IT services in the business information and communication environments. He is a member of the board of the Croatian Information Technology Society and the Croatian Society of Quality Managers and a member of the Croatian Society for Quality. The winner of the Crystal Globe of Croatian Information Technology Society and the best work award winner at the European Conference on Advanced and Systems Research. With dozens of published scientific and professional papers, he is a regular speaker at national and international scientific and professional conferences.

Associated courses:

Applied Computer Engineering - Undergraduate study

Software Engineering
Management of information systems
System Engineering
Management of information systems