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Silvio Papić, Senior Lecturer

I was born in 1982 in Osijek, where I finished high school for electrical engineering. I graduated in 2006 from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences in Zagreb as aeronautical engineer with helicopter pilot specialization. I acquired my knowledge in the field of computer networks by attending various specialized training, working in the private sector as a network engineer, but also by self-learning in the last 8 years. In the private sector, I had the opportunity to work in very dynamic environments with different companies using wide range of technologies that are essential part of IT system of todays modern companies. Some of the areas in which I have been working are monitoring and maintenance of customer networks, development of data center networks, implementation of passive optical network infrastructure, implementation of a MAN network, building a Virtual desktop infrastructure and implementation of ISO quality management system. I also posses a wide range of experience in working with different technologies used in IT systems such as server infrastructure, storage systems and virtualization technologies. In addition to working in technological environment other area of interest is working and developing different methods for the efficient transfer of knowledge and general improvement of the learning process. I believe that an adequate approach in transferring knowledge to students results in better learning experience and prepares them for work in real life environments that requires abilities to solve problems in unpredictable situations in a creative and effective way. I currently work as head of the department of computer networks and lecturer at the University College Algebra. I teach several courses at undergraduate and graduate level, which I modify every year according to the real life needs of the market. I am also an active CCAI (Cisco Certified Academy Instructor) so part of my time is invested in education of future network specialists. Since 2015 I attend postgraduate study in field of information and communication sciences at the Faculty of humanities and social sciences in Zagreb. The area of my research is the application of IT technologies in improving the education system and overall increase in the efficiency of learning process.

Associated courses:

Graduate study - Applied Computer Engineering

Software sub-specialization
Wireless computer networks 1
System sub-specialization
Wireless computer networks 1
Applied network security
Computer networks - Project practicum
Computer networks supporting business
Troubleshooting in ICT systems

Applied Computer Engineering - Undergraduate study

System Engineering
Implementing local wireless computer networks
Implementing complex network environments
Implementing voice over IP solution
Computer network security
Software defined networks
Introduction to computer networks
Final thesis/Internship
Software Engineering
Introduction to computer networks
Final thesis/Internship
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