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Ana Lokas Ćošković, Lecturer

Ana Lokas Ćošković works at Algebra University College as the assistant English teacher. She teaches Business English and English for IT. She also works at Algebra d.o.o. as an English teacher where she participates in preparations for the state graduation exams in English. Ana Lokas Ćošković graduated from English Department and Phonetics Department of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb in 2002. In 2005 she passed the state exam for the vocation “English language teacher”. In 2008 she graduated at Studia Intermedia in Zagreb, where she earned a degree in public relations. She previously worked as an English teacher in schools for foreign languages Lingua grupa and Medijana jezici where she taught Business English and General English courses respectively. She also worked in Istanbul International Preschool in Istanbul, Turkey. Ana Lokas Ćošković is currently working as a lecturer at the Algebra University College and head of Department of General Courses.

Associated courses:

Digital Marketing - Undergraduate study

Digital Marketing
Business English
Career - Communication and presentation skills

Visual Communications Design - Undergraduate study

3D Visual Communications Design
English language 1
English language 2
Visual Communications Design
English language 1
English language 2

Applied Computer Engineering - Undergraduate study

Software Engineering
English for IT
System Engineering
English for IT

Multimedia Computing - Undergraduate study

Multimedia Computing
English for IT
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