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Danijel Kučak, Senior Lecturer

Danijel Kučak holds Master in mathematics. He graduated from the Mathematical Department of the Faculty of Science, majoring in Engineering Mathematics - Computer Science in 2002. He holds ten internationally recognized certificates in the field of programming. He is currently attending doctoral studies in Information Sciences at the Faculty of Philosophy, where he is writing his dissertation. Since 2007, he has been employed as a lecturer at the University of Algebra, where he is a multiple winner of the award for the best lecturer. His specialty is the development of web applications and web services based on .NET and Java platforms. So far, he has been the author and co-author of 5 books on the subject of software engineering and has published over twenty scientific papers on the subject of program engineering, machine learning and the application of digital technologies in education. For over ten years, he has also owned a programming business where he works or has worked as a development engineer and architect on several information systems, of which he particularly stands out: MedicalBit - the BIS system implemented in the Rockefeller lung disease clinic in Zagreb, CRIS (Croatian Road Inspection System) - a system to support road traffic inspection.