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Zlatan Morić, Senior Lecturer

Zlatan Morić, head of cyber security department, has been teaching at Algebra since 2000. Initially on the education and specialist education, and later at the University College Algebra. He has multiple industrial certificates, and he is a certified trainer in system engineering and information security with the following certificates (selection): CEI, CEH, CNDA, MCT, MCSE, MCSA, ITIL. He actively works on textbooks, handbooks, scientific and professional papers, book chapters and conference papers, as an author, but also as an editor, lecturer and assistant.

Associated courses:

Graduate study - Digital marketing

Digital Marketing
Analytical software tools in digital marketing
Artificial intelligence in marketing

Graduate study - Applied Computer Engineering

System sub-specialization
Ethical hacking
Implementing high availability in ICT system
Applied cryptography
Security of operating systems
Threat management and incident response
Cyber security defences
Software sub-specialization
Ethical hacking
Applied cryptography
Cyber security defences

Multimedia Computing - Undergraduate study

Multimedia Computing
Information system security
Web server technologies

Applied Computer Engineering - Undergraduate study

Software Engineering
Information system security 1
Decision-making support systems
System Engineering
Information system security 1
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