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Msc Vedran Dakić, Lecturer

Vedran Dakic is a Master of Electrical Engineering and IT trainer, covering a wide area of system administration and implementation related IT courses. Currently he is certified VMware, Microsoft and Linux Red Hat trainer and he delivers VMware classes for vSphere, vCloud Director/vRealize and Horizon View, as well as a whole list of other, non-VMware courses (Microsoft, RedHat etc.). Besides short training lectures, Vedran delivers lectures at University college Algebra as full time lecturer for 3-year and 5-year study programs in system administration/engineering. Also, he does a lot of consulting and systems integration for his client's projects on all of these products – something he has been doing for the past ten years along with IT training. His approach is simple – bring real-world experience to all of the courses that he does as it brings added value to his students and customers.

Associated courses:

Applied Computer Engineering - Undergraduate study

System Engineering
Administration of operating systems
Authentication systems and databases
Computer architecture
Implementing cloud computing
Collaboration systems
Advanced administration of operating systems
Advanced administration of open source operating systems
Backup and recovery of IT systems
System engineering - Practicum
Virtualization of IT systems
Final thesis/Internship
Software Engineering
Authentication systems and databases
Computer architecture
Final thesis/Internship

Multimedia Computing - Undergraduate study

Multimedia Computing
Electroacoustics and professional audio equipment
Sound editing
Web server technologies

Graduate study - Applied Computer Engineering

System sub-specialization
Implementing high availability in ICT system
Operating systems integration with complex infrastructures
Advanced automatization and orchestration
Security of operating systems
Intro to DevOps
smjer en
Intro to DevOps
Software sub-specialization
Intro to DevOps
Data Science sub-specialization
Intro to DevOps
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