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Vladimir Šimunić, Lecturer

Vladimir Šimunić was born in Zagreb in 1964. Having finished Graphics Secondary School in Zagreb, he enrolled in the study programme of Photography and Cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, where he graduated in the class of professor Nikola Tanhofer in 1990. As a university graduate, he started working as a cameraman and photographer for the Photographic Documentation Agency in Zagreb, today known as the Croatian State Archives. He also worked as a freelance cameraman for the Croatian National Television and Open Television. He resumed his professional career working as a photographer for the photographic studio Melbinger in Graz, Austria for three years, which he continued in the family business Photo Marketing. In 1996 he started working as a teacher of photography at Vocational School for Personal Services in Zagreb and since 2012 he has been employed at School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, where he is currently working as the Head of Photographic Department and the teacher advisor teaching the subjects such as Photography Techniques and Electronic Media. He has developed current curricula for professional careers in photography and subjects such as Photography, Digital Photography, Photography Practicum, Photography Techniques and Light and Lighting in Photography. He has also developed exam papers for apprenticeship and certified professional photographer exams. He is a freelance lecturer at Public Open University Zagreb where he teaches photography in educational programs for fashion photographers, make-up artists and interior designers. He also teaches courses for students pursuing the qualification for Digital Photography and Image Processing Specialist at the Public Open College Algebra in Zagreb. In addition to this program, he teaches the course entitled the Basics of Digital Photography and Image Processing at the University College for Applied Computer Engineering in Zagreb. He holds courses such as the Basics of Digital Photography and Advanced Course in Digital Photography at Photo Club Zagreb. Vladimir Šimunić has been actively participating in exhibitions of art photography and has exhibited his works in about a hundred salons of photography in Croatia and abroad, where he has been awarded more than twenty prizes and recognitions. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts and the Croatian Association of Artists. His photographs were featured in several scientific photography monographs and textbooks. Aside from this work, he has been cooperating with various publishers on the layout design for magazines and books, mainly in the field of education. In his pedagogical work and communication with students, colleagues and various institutions he continuously aims to highlight the dignity of photographic profession.

Associated courses:

Visual Communications Design - Undergraduate study

3D Visual Communications Design
Photography 1
Visual Communications Design
Photography 1
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