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Mirko Talajić, Lecturer

Mirko Talajić, Mr.Sc. born on July 30, 1973 in Metković. He completed Professional Graduate study program on the Faculty of Science of Mathematics in Zagreb - Mathematics Department. He also completed master of science study program at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. The final paper was on the topic how game theory can help in managing profitability and risks in banking business. Currently attending doctoral studies in Slovenia, Faculty of Information Studies, Novo Mesto. His professional areas of interest include: game theory and strategic interaction, development and management of IT systems (including analytical systems and data science) , leadership (where he is also certified trainer in field of importance of emotional intelligence or quality leadership). Along with the CIO role currently operating at the Agency for Commercial Activities (AKD) d.o.o., he is a lecturer of various subjects at the High Business Schools associated with his professional areas of interest, where he is in position to, through his long and rich experience in different positions, share important knowledge to the students.