Vanja Šebek was born in 1980 in Bjelovar. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb at the Department of Business Informatics. Since 2014 he has been working as a marketing manager at the University College Algebra. He is a course leader for the following courses: Development of Content for Social Networks at the graduate study of Multimedia Computing, Advanced Web Design at the undergraduate study of Multimedia Computing and the Management of Digital Agencies at the graduate study of Digital Marketing at the University College Algebra. Since 2014, he is one of 150 Google Certified Trainers in the world. He is a trainer on the training courses dealing with the use of Google AdWords and Google Analytics tools and the management of digital marketing campaigns within the Academy of Google AdWords conducted by the Open University Algebra in collaboration with Google Croatia. Through this type of training, he educated more than 750 participants and 30 agencies from Croatia. Since 2013, at the Open University Algebra, he has been teaching on the education programs for Web Design and Internet Marketing. He is a guest lecturer at the International Graduate Business School of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. Vanja is also a founder of digital agency „Dibs“ and the author of several professional articles in the field of web design and marketing.