Brigita Prole, mag. oec. was born in Zagreb. She graduated in 1995 from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. Brigita is a marketing and PR consultant at CITUS with many years of international experience in the field of marketing, communications, PR, brand management, and project management. Over the years, she has introduced new products, services, and technologies and managed multidisciplinary teams. Thanks to many years of work in international and technologically advanced companies and the FMCG industry, she has gained extensive experience and many skills in working on many projects and insight into the trends and effects of the implementation of new technologies. She was a member of the national team in the standardization process within the EU (before the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the EU). She is a member of the Thematic Innovation Council for Transport and Mobility within the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) of the Republic of Croatia. She transfers her knowledge and experience as a consultant and mentor. Her areas of work and interest are new technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), communication, human behavior, human capital management, development of new products, services, and brands. She publishes scientific and professional papers and is a regular speaker at national and international scientific and professional conferences