Expert/scientist with proven experience in managing companies and teams (micro teams to large corporations) and a strong orientation on digital innovation. In numerous projects he led and participated in (150+), he has a particularly emphasized orientation on strategy, planning and efficient business use of technical / ICT capacities, evaluation and creation of business value and impact from the use of technologies in business.

Holder of a diploma in the field of insurance at Department of foreign trade and Master's degree in business economics of the IT Department of Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, and a Doctorate of social sciences in the field of graph theory and the application of statistical models in business, of Department of information sciences of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Holder of academic title Associate professor in the field of information sciences (5.04/HR), Associate professor in the field of informatics (5.13/SLO), Assistant professor in the field of computing (2.07/SLO) and teaching title Professor of professional studies with tenure in the field of economics (5.01/HR). Permanent court expert in the fields of finance, accounting, bookkeeping and informatics (12 years) with a large number (150+) of successfully completed complex expertise procedures. IPMA A Certified Project Director with 100+ successfully completed complex projects.

Vice dean for science and research at the Algebra University College, Director of Algebra LAB research and innovation center, Head of the Digital Transformation Center at the Rudolfovo Public Research Center (SLO), Head of BDV i-Silver Data Center Algebra LAB, mentor on several incubator programs (Algebra LAB, Uplift), and Head of the Data science study program at the Algebra University College in Zagreb, with a delivered total of 4,500+ equivalent working hours of teaching. He is an associate and mentor at Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto, Faculty of Social Studies in Nova Gorica and Faculty for media in Ljubljana, Rudolfovo Public Research Center in Slovenia and Police Academy within the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia.

Consultant on projects in the region related to strengthening education capacity (MRMS, CEP). Consultant on projects to attract subsidies/funds from local (CES) and international investment programs (competence buliding and innovation). Registered consultant GOPA Consulting Group Germany for the areas of business consulting, application of analytical /statistical methods, analysis of the labor market and support to educational policy making. From 2022, an official observer/expert for labour market analysis and education as part of MSWG at the European Commission in Brussels.

Member of the National Council for Higher Education, Science and Technological Development, where he also serve as the Vice President for Technological Development.