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Silvio Papić, Senior Lecturer

Silvio Papić was born in 1982 in Osijek, where he graduated from high school in electrical engineering. In 2006, he graduated from the Faculty of Transport Sciences of the University of Zagreb as a traffic engineer majoring in Aeronautics with completed helicopter flight training. He acquired knowledge in the field of computer networks by attending various education programs and specialist training, working in the private sector as a network expert, and also by considerable self-study over the last 15 years. In the private sector, he had the opportunity to work in very dynamic environments with different companies, using a wide range of technologies that form an indispensable part of the IT systems of modern companies. Some of the areas he has worked in so far include customer network monitoring and maintenance, L2 and L3 network infrastructure implementation and maintenance, connecting remote customer locations securely, data center network implementation, passive optical network infrastructure deployment, MAN network deployment, VDI infrastructure implementation and the implementation of a quality management system for IT services. In addition to working in a technological environment, his area of interest is the development and application of methods for the efficient transfer of knowledge and general improvement of the teaching process. He believes that the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in unpredictable circumstances creatively and effectively is key to preparing students for life. He currently works as the head of the Department of Computer Networks, head of the systems engineering study program, and senior lecturer at Algebra University. He teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses, which he regularly modifies in terms of methodology and content so that they are as close as possible to what awaits students after graduation. He is also an active CCAI (Cisco Certified Academy Instructor) and an expert in the skills of "ICT Specialist" and "IT Network Systems Administration" at the EuroSkills and WorldSkills competitions.