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Final Paper

This list contains only an excerpt from the Book of regulations on final project and final exam and does not represent the whole procedure. Detailed and complete information can be found in the Book of regulations.

The procedure of selection, revision and defense of final papers:

  • During their third year of study students choose three mentors and send them one or more topics for final papers
    • It is recommended to pay a visit to mentors for consultations regarding topics
    • Topics need to be elaborated as much as possible which makes it easier for mentors to engage in conversations regarding your topics
  • Students apply for mentors and topics through the Infoeduka system by indicating their first, second and third choice of mentors
  • Mentor confirms or does not confirm the topic
    • Students, mentors and President of the Committee for final papers sign 3 copies of the Certificate of acceptance of final paper
    • If neither one of the mentors does not confirm the topic, the President of the committee for final papers assigns a mentor
  • Student prepares his final paper together with mentor
    • In his final paper, student is obliged to include citations from one of the online databases available to Croatian academic and research community. Manual for researching databases can be found in this repository
  • Student must apply for the defense of his final paper through the Infoeduka system. Two important conditions must be fulfilled:
    • Mentor has confirmed that the final paper is ready for the defense (technically and grammatically)
    • Student has fulfilled all his obligations to the University College
  • Formation of three-member committees for the defense of final papers
  • Within two weeks, the Committee may send additional remarks which need to be corrected
  • President of the Committee informs students that they may prepare three hardcover copies of their final paper
    • Blue hardcover with silver letters
    • Each copy must include the Confirmation of acceptance of final paper printed through the Infoeduka system
  • President of the Committee informs students when and where the defense of their final paper will take place
  • Defense of the final paper is a formal act and it is desirable to lend solemnity to this event in an appropriate manner (it is recommended that students dress in suits, although this is not mandatory)
  • During the defense of the final paper:
    • Student has 20 minutes to present his final paper (PPT)
    • Members of the Committee ask questions related to the paper
    • Members of the Committee ask questions related to the professional part of the study
    • Student leaves the room and the Committee discusses the mark of the final paper
    • Student returns to the room and the Committee informs him about the success of the defense of his final paper

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