How to Obtain Two Diplomas?

A list of conditions for acquiring an Algebra University College and Griffith College Dublin diploma.

Diploma of Algebra university college

The possibility of obtaining a Croatian diploma of the Algebra University College is open to all successful students who meet the requirements prescribed by their chosen study program. Because of the fact that students spend one year of their studies abroad through student mobility, Algebra University College will, based on the Act on Recognition of Foreign Educational Qualifications and in accordance with the Ordinance on the Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications and mobility agreement, recognize the study period spent abroad as a part of the study program of the Algebra University College. This way, all students who meet the requirements prescribed by the study program, including the recognized courses taken in Ireland, will be entitled to receive a diploma of the Algebra University College in their chosen program and sub-specialization.

Diploma of Griffith College Dublin

The possibility of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science diploma of the Griffith College in Dublin is realized based on the Irish higher education legislation which enables higher education institutions in Ireland to recognize courses completed at other higher education institutions through the process of recognition of prior learning. This way, based on the agreement with Algebra University College, our students are entitled to recognition of their first two years completed at Zagreb campus. An additional requirement for obtaining a diploma is the successful completion of the third year of study in Ireland in accordance with the accredited study program of the Griffith College Dublin.

Students who choose to study at two campuses and obtain two diplomas will receive recommended additional courses for the first and second year of study upon enrolment, which they are required to pass before departing to spend their third year of study in Ireland. In this case, courses include additional English language program, student internships and recommended courses related to their chosen sub-specialization and have the purpose to prepare students for their stay in Ireland and the fulfillment of requirements prescribed by the study program of the Algebra University College in order to be able to complete their studies within three years.

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