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Gaming and esports experts at Algebra

Gaming and esports industries have become an integral part of the culture of younger populations in recent years. Not long ago, playing video games was a hobby that gradually turned into a lucrative business and a successful career. The esports ecosystem includes not only professional esports players but also various stakeholders such as game development studios, video game publishers, and many other professions that may not seem directly related to the industry but are of immense importance.

Various experts from the fields of marketing, IT industry, management, and many other professions take their place within esports, and their knowledge and multidisciplinary experiences are crucial for realizing the full potential of the industry. Some of them are coming Zagreb in early December to Algebra University as part of the Beyond Esports conference. They will share their stories and educate the public about the potential, importance, and role that esports plays in the development of modern society.

Beyond Esports is the second conference organized by Good Game Global, a well-known Croatian agency that offers a wide range of services related to the organization of esports competitions, live stream production, digital marketing, and consulting activities related to the development of the industry. The main goals of the conference are to define, empower, bring closer, and educate visitors about the main values and potential of esports. Through interesting panels and one-day activities, the conference will host experts from some of the most influential global companies such as Blast, Meta, G2 Esports, Samsung, as well as domestic and regional giants like Sofascore, Superbet, Span, Outfit7, Happening, Croatian Telecom, Croatian Esports Federation, Croatian Olympic Committee, and GNK Dinamo. Through the perspective of each participant in this quite large and complex system, conference attendees will be able to firsthand learn about what an ordinary day looks like for a professional esports player, team, competition organizer, and how famous global and regional brands find their place and communicate their values through the esports filter.

The conference will take place at the Algebra campus on December 8, 2023. Tickets are on sale and can be found on, and more detailed information, as well as the schedule and a list of all speakers, can be found on the official website - Beyond Esports conference. Secure your tickets, peek behind the scenes of professional gaming and the esports industry, and enjoy the stories of well-known world esports experts!"

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