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Interest in Algebra 40 percent higher than last year, 160 students want British degree too

Among all private institutions of higher education in Croatia, this year the greatest number of high school graduates has selected Algebra as their first choice in college applications. Very popular are Algebra’s study programmes offered in cooperation with the University of London, which have attracted as many as 160 students, for 70 of which as first choice

Algebra continues to raise the bar in the field of higher education, which, according to data published on the Postani student portal, has resulted in an uptake in applications for study programmes by a total of 40 percent compared to last year, or 27 percent when it comes to the first three choices. According to the current number of applications, Algebra has recorded the largest increase of interest for the design study program, registering twice as many applications as last year. The digital marketing study programme is up by 40 percent, while the computing program has recorded 35 percent more applications.

This is the result of continuous investments in the relevance and quality of Algebra’s curricula, as well as academic collaborations, such as the one with one of the oldest constituents of the University of London – Goldsmiths, which allows students to acquire a British degree, on top of a Croatian one, without having to relocate from Zagreb. Awarding a degree from one of the 500 best universities in the world, these study programmes, which will be offered at Algebra starting with the next academic year, have received as many as 160 applications, for 70 of the students as their first choice. Thanks to a collaboration with the University of London, starting this year, high school graduates may choose between bachelor studies in design, computing and digital marketing at Algebra.

“Such great interest in Algebra’s study programmes in collaboration with University of London Goldsmiths is fantastic news,” said British Ambassador to Croatia Simon Thomas. “This year, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the UK and Croatia and our 30-year partnership in all areas – from defense and security, to business and culture – the cooperation between Algebra and Goldsmiths, a cooperation in education, is another proof of the further strengthening of our ties. I wish all the students much success in obtaining their degree from one of the most prestigious British universities!”

“British universities are rightly recognized as the most prestigious in the world, and the fact that they establish international connections is key to that success,” said British Council Croatia director Nigel Bellingham. “That is why I am thrilled with such a strong interest in the new partnership between Algebra and Goldsmiths. Not only does this collaboration enable students from Croatia to obtain a British degree, but this collaboration also represents a model for other partnerships of this kind between Croatian and British universities. British Council Croatia is proud of the partnership with Algebra and we will continue to work with our friends in Croatia to contribute to the success of this program.”

BA graduates have shown a particular interest, since this year they have the opportunity to enroll in one of Algebra’s master programmes and, in addition to a Croatian degree, earn a British or French Master’s degree after two years of study. Starting this fall semester, master studies in Data Science, Game Development, Computing and Digital Marketing may be completed earning a degree from both the University of London and Algebra, while graduates may also choose a joint study programme called “Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence”, introduced and accredited by Algebra and EPITECH from France since last year. This study programme is also conducted in English, with one year attended in Zagreb and the other in Paris. EPITECH, or L'école de l'expertise informatique et de l'innovation, is one of the largest technological educational institutions in France, with over 6,000 attending students and several campuses at various locations in Europe.

Despite a decline in the number of Croatian high school graduates, Algebra is recording greater interest in its study programmes, which is the best indicator that an innovative approach and insistence on quality content and teaching pay off.

“We are very focused on the global professions of the future and regularly communicate with leading Croatian and international employers in order to adapt our programmes, while also encouraging foreign student applications. We place great emphasis on hands-on learning, which we provide through collaborations with renowned domestic and foreign companies, so the knowledge acquired by our students is immediately applicable in everyday work. This is one of the key factors why global and Croatian employers value our graduates, evidenced by the fact that almost all of our graduates find employment in their field within three months of graduation. This is valuable and a strong motivation for the increase in applications that we are witnessing, despite the fact that the number of high school graduates who want to continue their education is ten percent lower than last year,” said Mislav Balković, the Dean of Algebra University College.

For the last five years, all master study programmes at Algebra have been conducted exclusively in English, and as of this academic year, this has been made possible in almost all of its bachelor studies. In addition to creating new opportunities for finding employment and career advancement, this approach enables an educational experience in a multicultural and multi-national environment.

Since this spring, the experience of studying at Algebra has reached new heights with the opening of its new campus in Zagreb, offering Zagreb a multidisciplinary center of excellence and an incubator of globally competitive human resources, which will increasingly attract domestic and foreign students and participants of various educational programmes. Students have at their disposal 35 modern lecture rooms and laboratories, 14 online classroom cabinets, a video, audio and podcast studio, drawing room, 3D print room, innovation lab, large server room, library, a hall for project collaboration, and many other specialized spaces.

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