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International winter & summer school


Winter and Summer at Algebra

 Algebra University College launched its International Winter and Summer School programmes in 2017 and the global recognition of our quality and unique experience has been growing ever since! The aim of the International School programmes is to host students from all over the world who will treasure lifelong memories from their time spent in Zagreb and the rest of Croatia through learning, socializing and participating in fun and cultural activities. We are proud to say that Algebra International School has so far been recognized by students from the EU and many different countries, such as: Mexico, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Brazil, UK, Morocco, South Africa, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and many others.

We have carefully designed and continue to upgrade our cherry-picked courses from the area of Computer Science, Economy and the Arts so that students can master the latest trends in digital technologies. In addition to choosing the main course, international students have the opportunity to attend the Croatian Language and Culture course to learn the basics of the Croatian language and find out more about Croatian history.

Don’t miss a chance to become a part of invaluable summer or winter experiences where you will have an opportunity to meet young people from all over the world, learn something new and experience the Croatian way of life! We provide our students with quality and efficiency of teaching, great programmes, expert team of lecturers and the best study abroad experience. International and Croatian students can participate in winter or summer courses in addition to studying at Algebra University College.

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Why is Algebra a safe choice for your future?

A Strong

Here you will learn all about information technologies and prepare for a career that is constantly in demand. We offer you a platform for personal growth that makes you a prime target for employers.

Modern Methodology

We refuse to stand still in a rapidly changing world. Our programmes stay relevant and keep up with modern trends.


We take pride in numerous accolades and our title of The best professional study programme in Croatia and constantly strive to justify that trust. We do not take our task lightly, knowing that your future depends on it.


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