Learn Innovation Through Emerging Technologies

Learn Innovation Through Emerging Technologies

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  • Location:
    San Jose & San Francisco, USA
  • Campus:
    San Jose State University
  • Dates:
    2 July – 15 July 2023

Advancements in technology drive the modern professional world – and professional success. But how to step out from the crowd and be innovative in a world full of innovators?

ABC Silicon Valley will introduce you to the unique mindset the best innovators in the world use today to recognize and shape the needs of modern consumers. Visit some of the top tech companies, get insight into their innovative business practices, and learn how to observe and cash in on the hottest trends and technologies of the modern world.

  • Mentors & guest speakers who know business first-hand
  • Learn from the world’s top companies
  • Education for the 21st century
  • Earn 4 ECTS points
  • One day trip to San Francisco

Course content:

  • Innovation Advantage
  • Disruptive technology trends (AI, Blockchain, IoT, Automation, Digitalization, Big data)
  • History of the Silicon Valley & Latest trends
  • Silicon Valley Successful & Unsuccessful stories
  • Importance of Angel Investors and VC’s

ABC Silicon Valley Is the First Step to Your Future

The elevator pitch you will develop for your team’s startup idea – and present it to potential investors – is an invaluable experience that will help you develop your own business. It will teach you how to extract the most important parts of your business idea and give you a special insight into how investors’ minds work.

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