Experience ABC

Experience ABC

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Benefits of joining ABC BootCamps:

  1. A modern approach to business education
  2. Top professors
  3. Learning from tech giants
  4. Amazing people from all over the world
  5. Experience that will shape your life
  6. Breath-taking destinations
  7. Short and engaging program
  8. Practical Knowledge
  9. ECTS points
  10. Certificate to complement your resume


ABC BootCamps summer programs are open to all energetic students, entrepreneurs and young professionals who have a desire to understand and succeed in the global business environment. The ideal profile of our participant is somebody who is eager to learn, willing to be mentored, looking to gain additional valuable international experience, would like to broaden their worldview and perspective, make friends, develop a professional network, develop valuable career skills and experience personal growth.

In order to join the program, we do not ask for any English tests (like TOEFL or IELTS), however previous knowledge of English is mandatory.

Previous knowledge of business, management, or Business English is not needed, although somewhat recommended. The content of different modules in the course covers a wide range of topics, but the lectures are designed to engage the participants who do or do not have prior knowledge of the business. Considering the diversity of participants’ backgrounds, the courses and programs are designed to be beneficial, valuable, and engaging for all participants.

You are welcome to apply with any study or professional background! We encourage participants from different fields to apply, in order to create a more diverse, dynamic, and challenging environment.

There are a lot of reasons why you should jump in your summer adventure with ABC BootCamps:

  1. You are going to meet amazing people from different sides of the world who one day might become your business partners!
  2. You will be able to learn from the best – mentors and professors who have experience in business & innovations.
  3. You will explore top destinations and enjoy your new 2-week home with diverse cultures in an international environment!
  4. You will learn from the world’s leading companies such as Google, Apple, Twitter, Meta and so on!
  5. Summer is the best time to explore, have some fun, learn something new and make friendships for life!

Check out our website on the link, there you’ll find out more about the programs, as well as our Social Media channels where you can see how it looked like in previous years!

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us at abc@algebra.hr!

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