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Algebra University College follows the career development of its students even after they graduate. Through activities and projects, we involve them in raising the quality of our study programs, connect them with current students and the business community, encourage their unique skills and develop cooperations with companies and/or organizations where our former students work.

All our alumni are invited to join the Algebra University College Alumni Club, which was established with the intention of connecting and networking between former and current students, but also of fostering lasting alumni relationships with Algebra University College, teachers, current students and companies in the country and abroad. We want to work with all of our alumni, track their business path and professional development and help them improve their competencies, as well as contribute to the development of their profession. We also provide an opportunity for all our graduates to get involved in Algebra’s activities and projects and to develop cooperations with the companies and institutions in which they are employed.

Results of the September 2018 alumni survey.

For additional information and cooperation modes and opportunities, please contact the Head of the Career Center by e-mail.

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