Algebra University College follows the career development of its students after completing their studies. Through our activities and projects, we involve them in cooperation beetween Algebra University college and the companies or organizations in which the former students work.

Career Center Services are available to all alumni of the Algebra University College free of charge. Activities that can be included are: career counseling, resume and motivational letter writing, job search techniques, job interview preparation, the partnership with employers and current students.

All alumni are invited to join the Alumni Club of the Algebra University College or the former Algebra College’s alumni club. The club is established with the intent to connect and network together former students, but also to create lasting relationships with alumni, teachers, current students and businessmen in the country and abroad.

We want to work with all of our alumni, track your business and professional development and help you improve your competencies and career and also contribute to the development of your profession. We also provide an opportunity for all our graduates to engage in the activities and projects of Algebra University College and to develop cooperation with the companies and institutions in which they are employed.

For more information, opportunities and forms of cooperation, please contact


Contact the Student Counseling Center, where you can talk about all kinds of problems that make it harder for your academic career or work in everyday life. In the pursuit of successful mentoring conducted in a number of the best educational institutions in Europe, using knowledge, experience (and especially) some of the logotherapy achievements, successfully promoted by Victor Emil Frankl, the founder of the so-called ” III. Vienna’s psychotherapy schools, we will help you with the problems surrounding you, feel better.

Dare yourself, take time, find your spiritual potentials, choose the best for yourself and help others!

For questions and agreements please contact mr. Sc. Nebojša Stanić on

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