Iskoristi 20% popusta

The Algebra College’s Career Center supports students and alumni in choosing the right roles in their careers and prepares them for the transition to a working environment. They can come to us with any question about their career – we provide information, education, contacts, and individual advice.

Career Center is committed to ensuring that businesses can get in touch with the new talents that are best suited to them. We are a central place for branding employers, recruiting students and alumni, providing advice in all areas of the Career Center’s work and career development support.

Since we provide individual counseling to students and alumni, we know what interests them and motivates us, and we use that knowledge when selecting topics for events in collaboration with companies.

At the same time, our professional experience and close cooperation with companies mean that we understand business needs and we can apply it to the education and individual advice we offer to our students and alumni.

For more information, opportunities and forms of cooperation, please contact centar.karijera@algebra.hr.