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INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2018 Zagreb & Šibenik, July 8th – July 27th

GET INSPIRED and join the most INNOVATIVE summer program in Europe

At Algebra’s International Summer School, we believe in quality and efficiency of teaching, great programs, great teachers and the best experiences in Croatia – the greatest European country to spend your summer.

If you want to learn about digital marketing strategies and user behaviour, figure out how digital is transforming the way we live and work, how to develop mobile applications, all about data
security or create stories using data and visualization tools, maybe learn about the “dark side” of security and how to use “the force” the right way, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to the Summer School for international students in Europe!

International Summer School Courses

The Summer School will be held in Šibenik and in Zagreb in July 2018 and the following courses will be offered at our Summer School program:

The students can participate in free workshops:
– Financing early stage startups
– Croatian language and culture

Digital Marketing

The course will introduce students to digital marketing strategies and user behaviour, from content marketing, search, social to analytical tools used to track the success of digital campaigns.

Digital Sculpting Fundamentals

Digital Sculpting with Pixologic Zbrush has become the Industry standard for creating state of the art visuals for film, television and games alike.

Data Driven Storytelling

Storytelling skills are considered to be among most important skills today, the skills we all should practice, and when empowered with data they can create very powerful tool in many industries including digital marketing.

Creating a Detailed Project in 3D

Students will learn the advanced principles of creating a 3D project, taking into consideration the technical and work-related challenges. The entire process will go through each step of production in detail, crafting the final image as close to photorealism as possible.

Mobile application development

The use of mobile technology is an opportunity to expand customer relationships. Cell phone is always on, always at hand and knows where you are. Mobile phones are a useful tool that adds value. The industry of mobile applications definitely has a prosperous future.

Cyber Security

Get to know the “dark side“ of security and how to use “the force“ the right way. In this course, the students will learn how to use their computer without exposing it to most of the threats lurking outside, whether this is simple Internet browsing, “innocent“ usage of publicly available Wi-Fi, or usage of “secure“ corporate network.

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