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Labour and Education Market

Labour and Education Market

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The research group covers a wide range of research interests and disciplinary areas that address the needs and requirements of education in contemporary societies around the world. It conducts studies by analysing labour market trends at the international, national, local, sectoral and vocational levels, as well as special research for employers.

The experience of research team members allows us to relevantly combine data on economic trends, employment trends, education, skills supply, and population change to help understand the implications of these trends at the national level, but also at regional, sectoral, organizational, or workforce level in general.

The group is characterized by extensive expertise in using key labour market data sets such as: Labour Force Survey, Annual Population Survey, Employer Skills and Needs Survey, Official Census, Understanding Society and other longitudinal data sets and panel results. In addition, the group has experience in using sources of information about students, such as student records or higher education student surveys, and linking students’ data with the information received from beneficiaries or taxpayers, while fully respecting anonymity and data protection. Additional areas of expertise are qualification systems and quality assurance in education.

We are also able to design bespoke surveys and use a range of other methods (e.g., focus groups, workshops, interviews, literature reviews and scriptwriting) to add depth and nuance to quantitative projections. The aim of the group’s research is to facilitate the discussion of various aspects of education and the labour market and to promote research cooperation.

Selection of the most relevant publications:

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