Image for Kateryna Lelas from Ukraine studies Data Science at Algebra

Kateryna Lelas from Ukraine studies Data Science at Algebra

Kateryna Lelas is a Data Science student at Algebra University. After completing her bachelor degree in Business with excellent results, Kateryna moved from Poland to Croatia to do her master’s degree. Also, she participated in Algebra’s International Winter and Summer School and is the current International Student Representative at Algebra.

“When I made a choice to study at Algebra University I had been living abroad for four years and I had been considering a few countries to live in and to study my Master degree. Unexpectedly for myself, my first choice fell on Croatia and the reason for that was that I found a perfect master program that suited all my requirements.

The first important criteria is that all master programmes are held in English language, additionally one can easily find all necessary information about the university in English and contact international student office for further needs, which provides fast and consistent support during all your admission process and studying period. Another reason is the master program as such - I am studying Data Science and   I have my Bachelor's degree in business but I have always been looking for something more technical. Algebra University and their new master program in Data Science gives this opportunity for students with different backgrounds to advance their skills and become professionals in different narrow areas of data science, according to their preferences. The program is quite broad but flexible so students can try many different applications of data science and then choose the one or a few which they plan to implement in the future work. The preparation program that students need to complete before studying Data Science gives the first overlook on how the course will look like and which problems you are going to face, so all students are prepared and their skills are, more or less, balanced when the first semester starts. Moreover, Data Science program emphasizes practical and innovative approach, which allows students to try many new techniques, meet the right people and choose the path for the future.

I would also like to mention people at Algebra University - from the International Office administrators to professors, assistants and student office representatives. This is the reason why I am not only satisfied with the quality of studying but I am also happy that I am studying here. I can say so after finishing my first master semester and, to be honest, I did not expect that at the beginning. Being a foreigner in Croatia and being an international student at Algebra University, I can most certainly say that I made the right choice. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me during my admission process and studying time, and I am looking forward to my next semesters at Algebra.”

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