Image for LLPA, earns title of 2020 Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year

LLPA, earns title of 2020 Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year

The LLPA – The Leading Learning Partner Association is an association of learning centers from 55 countries whose study programs are annually attended by over half a million students. The LLPA, founded in 2013, is a globally influential network of educational centers, with Algebra as one of the initiators and founders. The project for which the LLPA won the Microsoft award included establishing a new system of certification, setting up a unique learning platform and providing training in Azure technologies to over 100 thousand IT professionals.

The LLPA (the Leading Learning Partners Association,, a selective membership association consisting of 32 learning institutions based in a total of 55 countries, announced that it has won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award as the best educational partner in 2020.

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Award is presented in different categories to partners that have developed solutions and offered services based on Microsoft technologies. The winners in different categories were chosen among more than 3,300 companies from across 100 countries worldwide, while the LLPA was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services in Learning worldwide.

The LLPA is an international association of learning institutions established in 2013, with Algebra as one of its co-founders. This is an important recognition for Croatia as well, since the majority of LLPA’s global operations and projects are managed from Zagreb, and there are exceptionally few organizations in the world that boast two Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards. That is, Algebra first won the title of Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year in 2014 independently, and now once again earns the prestigious again, as part of the LLPA, of which it is one of its most active members.

The LLPA won this year’s Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year Award for the project of implementing training in Azure technologies. It established a new system of certification – the C3 Cloud Certification Circle and implemented a unique training platform that provided training to more than 100,000 IT professionals in Azure technologies.

“We gave the opportunity to over 100,000 individuals to upgrade their Azure skills in order to speed up the digital transformation of their businesses. Together with other companies from the association, whose network spans 55 countries across the world – including Algebra as the Croatian partner – we have helped our customers realize the full potential of Microsoft cloud technologies. This award is a reflection of our hard work within the LLPA, as well as our close collaboration with Microsoft in achieving a shared goal of assisting and supporting our customers and partners in achieving their business outcomes”, said on the occasion Patrick Kersten, LLPA Chairman of the Board.

“The LLPA award is also a direct recognition for Algebra, as one of the founders of the association and a member offering project management support to global initiatives implemented by the association. What is more, in 2014, Algebra already won the Microsoft Learning Partner of The Year Award independently. Even though the LLPA is not widely known in Croatia, since Algebra acts as its representative in implementing joint initiatives, the success of this project and the recognition from Microsoft is proof of the success of the LLPA, of which we are a founding member, and it equally demonstrates the need for such a network. The collaboration between companies, with a similar profile to Algebra, has demonstrated that such projects, which include modern hybrid training models and expert knowledge development on a global level, can be implemented much faster and more comprehensively, if we pool skills and other resources”, stated Tomislav Dominković, Algebra Chairman of the Management Board and LLPA Governing Board member.

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