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Money Week at Algebra University

On the occasion of the World and European Money Week from 20th to 26th March, the Croatian Chamber of Economy is conducting a series of educational and informative activities. The goal of such education is to raise the level of financial literacy among young people, and Algebra gladly joined the initiative.

"Plan your money, plant your future" is the official theme of this year's Money Week, focused on sustainability and raising awareness of the impact of an individual's financial behavior. The idea is to encourage young people to think thoroughly about their financial future, including the environment and society, in their financial decisions.

The Money Week began on March 20 with the "Financial Literacy for Generation Z" conference, organized by the Ministry of Finance and the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, in which HGK also participates while conducting a series of lectures for faculties in cooperation with its members, including todays at the Algebra.

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