Image for New generations of cybersecurity experts attracted by challenges, desire for knowledge and interesting projects

New generations of cybersecurity experts attracted by challenges, desire for knowledge and interesting projects

Cybersecurity experts are in demand more than ever.

International and domestic cybersecurity experts discussed current topics such as attracting and retaining professionals and the state of the industry, as well as cyber warfare, digital identities and the complexities of protecting the Olympic Games.

During the two-day Cyber ​​Expo 2022 conference focused on cybersecurity trends and challenges, Algebra’s new campus in Zagreb hosted a number of industry lectures, a panel discussion on “How to Attract and Retain Cybersecurity Experts" and Microsoft’s Security, Compliance and Identity Training, which prepares the participants for taking the Microsoft SC-900 exam and obtaining the corresponding certificate.

Maciej Żarski, the Head of Atos CERT, offered an interesting insight into cybersecurity needs of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, pointing out that for such a large and complex “ecosystem”, apart from technology and people who are part of an environment, some of the crucial aspects are the angle and the framework through which protection is constructed, as well as the value placed on teamwork. He emphasized that a synergy between processes, technology and people working on such projects is of utmost importance.

During the panel focusing on staffing challenges aimed at attracting and retaining cybersecurity experts, the gathered experts pointed out that the requirements for good cybersecurity experts are unique – they need to possess the knowledge of both a systems engineer and developer, but they also need deeper motivation. The field of cybersecurity employs people who are extremely motivated, eager for new knowledge and challenges, who most highly value the possibility of further development, the use of new technologies and continuous, holistic progress. The panel, which included Boris Bajtl (Athos Croatia), Marcin Lipinski (Athos), Zlatan Morić (Algebra), Dražen Pranić (Atlantic Group) and Mirela Šola (Athos Croatia), also highlighted a shortage of cybersecurity experts – since technology is evolving at an increasing rate, while the number of cyberattacks and their diversification are growing and becoming increasingly unpredictable.

Mirela Šola, the Global Head of Human Resources – Atos Digital Security, pointed out that in terms of employee development and training, Atos is unique in several ways: “Atos is a global company, so employees from Croatia work on international projects such as cybersecurity services for the Olympic Games, as well as for other global clients; they work in teams alongside world’s top experts in certain segments of cybersecurity and have the opportunity to learn from them. It is truly a unique chance for growth and development. At Athos, we especially invest in employee development – each employee has a clear path for knowledge and career development, building their skills through our in-house cybersecurity academy, certification courses, bootcamps and a mentoring program. In addition, Atos Croatia is the only company in Croatia that has holds the ‘Great Place To Work’ (GPTW) certificate, the world’s most famous seal of approval of employee satisfaction, for three years running.”

One of the speakers at the conference was Eyal Asila, the Head of Atos Global Cyber ​​Consulting, who commented on industrial digital security in the time of crisis and digitalization of structures which, if compromised, would have a huge impact on our daily lives, in areas such as food production, transport and logistics. He singled out education, an understanding of the consequences and the infrastructure within which cybersecurity is implemented, as well as understanding what we know instead of focusing on the unknowns. Boris Bajtl, the Head of the Atos Croatia Cybersecurity Department, spoke about digital identities highlighting the area of identity theft and the diversity of such threats, while victims are often unaware that their identities have been compromised. Algebra’s Head of the Department of Cybersecurity Zlatan Morić, addressed cyber warfare, the available measures of defense and the differences between cyber warfare that occurs between countries and cyberattacks that take place between individuals.

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