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Ante Mandić was born in 1955 in Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He finishedelementary school in Otok and high school in Vinkovci. After graduating in chemistry andnuclear physics, and obtaining master’s degree in computer sciences from TechnicalMilitary Academy in Zagreb, he continued his career in private sector.

In 1992 he started a software company IN2 and remains at the helm to date. Though it started with only a couple of employees, IN2 nowadays is a group of 12 companies placed in 6countries in a region with over 500 experts employed. Starting with the initial offering whichincluded business solutions for specific client’s requests, IN2 gradually expanded portfolioto software solutions for investment banking and funds, insurances, public sector, health,economy, information security and forensics.In addition to his involvement in IN2, Mandić is an active participant in Croatian ITcommunity and also a president of IT association at Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

In 2014, Croatian president awarded Mandić a prominent order „Red danice hrvatske s likomBlaža Lorkovića”, given to individuals who significantly contributed to the development ofCroatian economy.