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In 2008, together with Joško Oršulić, he founded DRAP – the first digital agency in Croatia specializing in promotion on social media. He has won numerous professional awards including one gold and two silver Effie awards, three Best in Show MIXX Awards, two campaigns in the BalCannes top 25 and has participated as a jury member in a number of national and regional festivals including MIXX Croatia, Sudnji dan, Idea X , SoMo borac, Effie Croatia and Golden Drum.

He began his web-entrepreneurial career in 1998 when he founded Playmedia Systems startup together with a group of colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and released the MP3 engine AMP on the world market – together with WinAMP, a technology that launched a revolution in online music. The success of AMP opened the door of Silicon Valley where he gave his contribution to the development of Napster – a popular service for online music exchange. After the judicial closure of Napster, he started working on behavioral theory of algorithms and its application in the analysis of cryptographic protocols together with Dean Rosenzweig and continued his work at Microsoft Research in Redmond. He is the winner of Phoenix & SSCL Microsoft Research Award for his work on programming multicore/multiprocessor platforms. He is the author of 15 papers in theoretical computer science and one US patent.

He is actively helping the startup community, and his most famous project is the successful crowdfunding campaign, which launched BellaBeat, one of the most successful Croatian startups.

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