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Since 2004, Igor Pureta has been the President of the Management Board of Grawe Croatia where he has been working since 1999. His previous employment was also related to international companies such as Coca-Cola, Loctite Corporation, Tenneco Automotive, Henkel and Unilever where he gained experience in establishing and developing organizations of various sizes and functioning of various industries. He focuses on target goals, excellence and profitability, and develops relationships between people and teams.

He likes to face new situations in which he tries to find creative solutions together with team members and quickly and accurately fulfills all tasks. In addition to Croatia, he has been working in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. In 2001, he completed his MBA studies at Durham University in the United Kingdom, and in 2011 he started his blog where he actively addresses numerous topics from the field of management and leadership. For many years, he has been offering theoretical and practical training to members of Grawe Croatia management team as well as holding guest lectures.

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