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Ivan Žugaj has been employed at APIS IT Ltd. (Information Systems and Information Technologies Support Agency) since 1994. After joining the company, he worked at different positions with various technologies and gained a variety of experience and knowledge working as application developer for IBM mainframe system, distributed application systems, development of collaborative IT solutions, etc.

For many years, he worked as the head of the development team and project manager during the implementation of new technologies in the organization. In addition, he has several years of experience at the position of the Director of E-services development sector. He participated in various roles in the development and advancement of large business systems in APIS IT: ISSKG, IT solutions for Tax and Customs Administration, IT support in Croatian elections, introduction of APIS IT SOA architecture, e-Citizens project, Share Service Center, etc.

He is currently working as a Product Development Specialist at the Office for Strategic Development.

His particular areas of interest include monitoring trends and standards in the development of web applications, improving and increasing the quality of the development process and management of the lifecycle of information systems development. Most recently, he has been intensively involved in the implementation of knowledge management and innovation in the company and Social Business area.

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