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Ratko Mutavdžić

Ratko Mutavdžić is the founder and director of PROJEKTURA consulting company which operates with new and emerging technologies in order to implement them in organizations and corporations. Prior to this position, he spent 15 years at Microsoft, where he was the head of the advisory group, the support group for new product development and the group for public administration sales.

He is the author of a number of professional papers on different topics in technology, owner of prominent blogs on new technologies and project management and active contributor on various social networks which explore new ways of applying innovations and inventions. He frequently speaks at various conferences, workshops, meetings and in general at places where people like to explore, question, think and engage in innovation.

His current area of interest are various kinds of open topics, such as open innovations, open society and open government, where he participates in research and development of methodology and framework in order to develop more efficient and sustainable ways of introducing openness into different elements of citizen, organizational and government activities.

He applies the same concept to technologies and is an advocate of the application of open data, open solutions and in general of any open technology which, combined with existing technological concepts and platforms, can create a better economic value for the society at large.