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Zlatan Fröhlich, PhD, graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, where he received his Master of Science and PhD in 1997. After completing his studies, he started working at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, where he actively holds the position of permanent scientific adviser. He served as a member of the Zagreb City Government, adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Croatian government, and since 1999, the President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zagreb.

From 2003 to 2015, he was the Dean and lecturer at the International Master Business School IGBS, Zagreb. In the negotiations for accession to the European Union he was appointed by the Croatian government as a negotiator in charge of the Chapter 18. Statistics and Chapter 22. Regional Policy and Coordination of Structural Instruments. He is a longtime Chairman of the Croatian-Turkish Business Council of the Croatian Chamber of Economy and Vice President of the Croatian Fraternal Union of America – the Zagreb Branch/Section.

His professional and scientific work deals with areas of urban economics, regional economics, and economics of transport. He has authored or co-authored numerous papers published in professional and scientific journals, monographs and proceedings related to the scientific basis of long-term social and economic development of Croatia, communal system as a basis and framework for the development of the City of Zagreb, economic aspects of rationalization of housing construction, strategies for economic development and regional development of the Republic of Croatia. He was one of the founders and longtime President of the Croatian department of the European Association for Regional Research.

He has participated in numerous of national and international conferences, round tables, panels, conferences and consultations and has been a member of the editorial board of several international scientific and professional journals. He is the President of the National Council of Skål International Croatia – International Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals. He has obtained the scientific title of scientific adviser with tenure. He has received several awards and accolades for his professional and social work.