The new campus covers almost 12.500 square meters and has 35 lecture rooms named after many Croatian and world innovators and scientists such as Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Ivan Lupis, Faust Vrančić, Ruđer Bošković, Slavoljub Penkala, Ivan Vučetić, and the recently deceased emeritus professor Slavko Krajcar, the first rector of Algebra University.

In addition to the newly equipped lecture rooms, which consist of almost 700 computers, laser projectors and equipment for live streaming of the lectures, the teaching process takes place in 14 separate online cabinets for distance learning and training.

To ensure creativity in design teaching, Algebra has a modern Art Studio and a 3D production room with 3D printers for larger formats. Our Video and Audio Studios, as well as the Podcast Room, are readily available to Multimedia and Digital Marketing students to further hone their production and post-production skills. Our unique Innovation Centre is open to all students during university working hours as a maker space for collaborative work.

Nimbus Private Cloud

Highly available Nimbus private cloud with numerous physical servers, data warehouses, firewalls, UPS, etc.

IoT and Robotics

Space for Internet of Things and robotics equipped with various equipment (robots, IoT devices for Smart City Smart Home applications, and others are built and functioning within the Campus).

3D and VR Equipment

3D printers, VR equipment and a laboratory that is mainly used by students of Multimedia and Game Development.

Computer Labs

20 computer labs and classrooms with different types of equipment and software used and prepared specifically for different courses.

Network lab

Complete network laboratory with numerous network routers and switches.

Firewalls and Network Equipment

Second-generation Firewalls and other wired and wireless network equipment are available to our System Engineering students.

Audio / Video Studio

Professional Audio/Video Studio used for regular teaching within study programs.

Photo and Video Equipment

Our students can use various photo and video equipment for classes and their project work.

Student Life

This is your time. Make the most of it.

We offer the best education in Information Technology year in, year out. A top college experience, however, is about much more than sitting in a classroom. We’ve prepared a myriad of extra-curricular activities to make absolutely sure that you’ll find something fun to do in your down time.

By moving to a new location, the Zagreb Campus has gained a significantly larger international test centre where students, trainees and professionals have the opportunity to obtain various certificates such as Microsoft, AWS, Google, PMI, TOEFL and others. Within the new university campus, there is a coworking space for 35 people and a library that offers 18.500 books, which covers 120% of the need for books in relation to the number of enrolled students.

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The new campus has implemented excellent Internet connectivity, which ensures a stable connection for 1.200 devices simultaneously at the speed of 10Gbps. One of the most interesting things is certainly the data centre called "Nimbus", which enables the launch of 4.000 virtual machines for students and teachers.

Algebra's data centre has 1.62 THz of CPU power, 5TB of memory and about 40TB of disk space, and consists of 80 physical servers. The “Boston Super Server SMC 1029GQ-TRT” supercomputer is installed as a part of the server infrastructure and it is mostly used at the Data Science study programme. The server room is equipped with a 60 kVA UPS and a NOVEC fire extinguishing system.

The new campus is equipped with a spare generator for potential power outage incidents which ensures uninterrupted operation of critical infrastructure, business and student information systems, as well as teaching and data storage. Algebra campus was built in the A+ energy class. Air recuperation was introduced in all teaching rooms, which increases the quality of teaching and achieves green energy savings. The floors of the office buildings are made of recycled materials, and in order to further encourage "green access", employees are additionally encouraged to come to work by bicycle or scooter.